A little About TheodoreCoding.

Theodore Coding Web

TheodoreCoding is Youtube Channel that was started in 2019. This was a channel dedicated to web development videos that are created by Riste Sekuloski aka Rick. The idea was born after Rick recorded couple of courses and published them on Udemy. So he wanted to create some link and extra information that students and his friends can access and learn from it. That is the sole purpose of this website, to act as medium between Udemy, Rick and Youtube channel called Theodore Coding.

How was the name born.

The name TheodoreCoding was born when Rick had his son called Theodore. Theodore is the name of Rick son and he was thinking that it will be good idea to have channel under his son name.

Our Mission.

The mission is simple! To create a brand that is recognized by everyone and in the same time to provide content and courses that are affordable for the users.

Our Vision.

Long term vision is to be have site that can host the courses for a minimum price and lifetime access.

Our Values.

  • Honesty
  • Positive Attitude
  • Communication Skills
  • Quick Learning Content
  • Deep and Broad Technical Experience
  • High-End User Focus